Name Change By Post

Name Change By Post

Name Change By Post

How do I get my name changed with all the organizations?

No matter your reason for changing names, the request must come from the account holder. This is to prevent unauthorised access to your account. It takes a significant amount of time to contact each coany directly to learn the process! An Easy Name Change kit cuts out all the research and figuring out what to send where. You may be provided with a company name change form, ready to send letter, ready to send email or else step by step instructions of what process to follow and what proof will be required. 

What to include when changing names

If you’ve been told to send your request in writing, there will generally be one of four methods; send a letter, an email, send in that company’s special name change form or occasionally send a fax. It’s always a good idea to sign any documents in both your old and new names so that your old signature can be verified and your new signature can be recorded. Not every form allows for the input of old and new signatures, so find a clear space for both signatures and indicated which is your old and new signature.

You are often asked to send proof of your name change, which should be issued by a government agency. This is usually your Vital Statistics issued marriage certificate, legal name change certificate, or amended birth certificate, depending on your reason for name change. If divorcing you may include a court issued divorce order along with your marriage certifiacte which links your married and former names. A few companies may have alternate requirements, such as updated government photo ID. Unless you have been told to send a certified copy of your proof of name change document, you can simply send a photocopy.

You’ll have a range of procedures to follow

Not every company allows name change by mail, email or over the phone. You may be asked to log into your account online or to visit a branch in person. Always take your original name change proof and photo ID when changing names in person.

Get all your procedures and paperwork at once

Don’t fancy spending the day on hold, writing letters and waiting for forms? Instantly receive change processes from among 700+ Canadian companies. Get all your paperwork; ready to send forms, letters and emails with detailed filing instructions. In many cases you can just sign and send!




Many companies require your name change to be in writing, most commonly sending a letter, form or email. A small number of organizations require a a fax to be sent. Of course there's other ways to change names too.

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