Marriage Name Change

Passport Name Change After Marriage

If you’ve been married apply for a new passport in your married name. There is no credit provided for time remaining in your current passport. Be mindful of any pending travel arrangements in your current name. We explain the process.

Ordering Your Manitoba Marriage Certificate

If you were married in Manitoba apply for your marriage certificate from the Provincial Vital Statistics office. Download the application form here. We’ll also provide all the documents to get your accounts, records and ID changed over into your new name. 

Married overseas

Changing names after getting married abroad usually doesn’t require any additional steps or documentation if you follow our advice. Our ready to send name change requests will be accepted by all organisations, even if you were married abroad.

Ontario Marriage Name Change

Ontario offers a range of name change options to spouses after marriage. You can take you spouse’s surname in place of your own, add their surname to yours (separated by a space or hyphen) or leave as is.  We explain what proof documents you need and how to update your records.

How To Change Names After Marriage

The only official document required is your marriage certificate, then you can start notifying organisations of your new name. There’s no registration of your new name – just send our notifications off and your name is changed!