Name Change Checklist

Driver’s Licence Name Change

Ensure government issued photo ID, like your driver’s licence, is prioritized when changing names. You will often be asked to show this as proof of your name change. It’s essential to get this changed before applying for a new passport.

Health Card Name Change

Provincial health cards should be changed into your new name as soon as possible. It should be done before applying for a new passport. Follow our tips for a smooth name change.

How to Change Names in Alberta

No matter what your reason for changing names we explain the process to follow if you live in Alberta. You need a document as proof of name change, then we’ll help get the name on your accounts changed.

BC Medical Services Plan Name Change

Change names on your BC Care Card as soon as possible. It can be done online in just 15 minutes. You will need to update your MSP before you can change names in other places. Get all your name change paperwork and instructions in just a few minutes.

How to Change Names in Ontario

The name change process depends on your reason for making the change. If you’re taking or removing your spouse’s surname then you don’t need a legal name change. All other changes, no matter how small or large, follow the same legal name change process. Once you have proof, we help get your records changed over.

How to Change Names in BC

If adding or removing your spouse’s name you only need your marriage certificate to start. If changing names for any other reason you’ll need to file a legal name change. No records are linked or automatically updated so use our notifications to get all your accounts updated.