I Need to Make Changes to My Kit

I Need to Make Changes to My Kit

I Need to Make Changes to My Kit

Need to add more companies? Change spelling? Change the date on your letters? No matter if it is a small or major change, we charge a flat $5 fee to regenerate soft copy kits, or $20 to regenerate and post a premium kit. We don't make profit on these fees - they simpy cover our time and labour to make changes to your account.

Soft copy kits (emailed)  

Contact customer service so we can reset your account! We charge a $5 admin fee for our time to update your profile and create a $5 check out code.

Premium/Hard copy kit customers (printed and posted)

If you have already purchased a premium kit, simply login and make the necessary changes. Once your changes are complete, reply to any email from Easy Name Change and let us know it's ready to be generated. We'll send you a special code to complete the order.  Our $20 fee covers the cost of materials, labour and postage. 

Just want to change the date?

If you only have a minor change, such as the date on your letters, it may be easier just to cross the old date out with pen and handwrite the new date on your letters. All organizations will still accept your requests.




Passwords are automatically emailed on registration. You may not know if offhand. Click the link above for your password to be emailed. Passwords are instantly sent, so be sure to check your junk folder if you can't find it.

Need to add more companies? Change the date? Change spelling? We charge a small admin fee for your kit to be regenerated. Here's how it's done.

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