Ontario Divorce and Separation Name Change

Ontario Divorce and Separation Name Change

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If you want to change your name after divorce in Ontario, you’ve come to the right place. You don’t even need to be divorced to get your name back. You can change your name after separation, or you may even be happily married. It doesn’t matter – you can change back to your maiden name at any time no matter what your reason.

Most women changing names after marriage do so by presenting their wedding certificate, which by law means you’ve only assumed your husband’s name. You are legally entitled to be known by your prior name at any time, and regardless if you are happily married, divorced, or somewhere in between. 

Step 1 – Get your certificate

The exact combination of documents will vary depending on your situation. You must have original government issued documents that proves your name at birth (or if born abroad, your name at time of citizenship), plus proof of your marriage or divorce. You may show either your Canadian birth certificate OR Canadian citizenship certificate PLUS a court issued divorce decree or Vital Statistics issued marriage certificate.

If you can't find your birth or marriage certificates, apply for a replacement from Service Ontario, or from Vital Statistics in the province where your event took place. Your marriage certificate lists your name at the time of marriage and your husband’s name and proves the link between the two names. If you are divorced you can show your divorce order instead, providing it lists both names.

If you have the necessary documents there’s no extra cost to get started and you can start changing names now. If you can’t find your marriage certificate you can order a new one from Service Ontario, or we can provide the application form for a replacement marriage certificate regardless where in Canada you were married. You can still get started with your name change paperwork now, and it will be ready to send off by the time your replacement certificate arrives.


Step 2 – Change the name on your records

Start by updating your Ontario driver’s license and health care card in person at any Service Ontario branch. Next you'll need to notify all the other organizations of your new name. Click the button below to get the necessary name change procedures and any corresponding paperwork for all your companies.