Reverting To Your Maiden Name

Reverting To Your Maiden Name

Reverting To Your Maiden Name

Your maiden name can be resumed at any time no matter if you are separated, divorced or even happily married. If you decide to revert to your prior name you're not required to give a reason.

What paperwork will I need?

You simply need to prove the link between your married and prior name. Generally speaking, you should show proof of your birth name in Canada, such as your birth certificate. If you were born abroad you should provide your citizenship certificate. You also need to show proof of your married name, so you can show your Canadian marriage certificate or court issued divorce order. Most foreign marriage certificates are accepted if you were married abroad. 

If you have been married more than once you may need to show multiple marriage certificates to prove the link between all prior names. All documents should be issued by a government body such as the Vital Statistics office, a court or foreign government body. If you have lost Canadian marriage or birth certificates apply for a replacement at your provincial Vital Statistics office.

What challenges might I encounter?

Some organisations may ask for a divorce certificate as this makes the task of proving your name easier. We always recommend you challenge this advice as by law you are entitled to be known by your maiden name without being divorced.

You shouldn't encounter any issues when updating your drivers licence and/or passport, so do this first, then present your updated government issued photo ID together with your birth and marriage certificate and you will encounter less resistance.

How do I update ID and accounts?

Once you have the necessary certificates, click below to get all the name change procedures for virtually all the companies where you need to change names. We'll provide all the information needed, plus any paperwork. 

You can also edit letters before sending them out to companies. We suggest editing your letters to include a comment such as 'Please find enclosed a copy of my updated drivers licence, together with my birth and marriage certificates which clearly show my legal right to be known by my prior name.'


Your maiden name can be resumed at any time, you don't need to be divorced or even separated.  We explain how.

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