Changing Names after Marriage in BC

Changing Names after Marriage in BC

Changing Names after Marriage in BC

Marriage is the most common reason for changing names. In BC you can take your spouse’s name after marriage or keep your own.  A double barrelled surname is where you add your spouse’s surname to your own, either with or without a hyphen. While other provinces and most BC government agencies allow this, it isn’t possible to have your BC Care Card changed into a double barrelled surname on presentation of your marriage certificate. Double barrelled surnames require a legal name change certificate issued by BC Vital Statistics. Once you have your legal name change certificate you must commence using your new name immedaitley, regardless of your wedding date.

Get your marriage certificate

All you need to get started changing names is a marriage certificate issued by Vital Statistics. We explain how to get your BC marriage certificate here. If You don’t have your certificate yet, we can provide the application form via the link below.


Ready to start changing names?

Start by updating your driver's license in person, and next other government records. Once you have updated photo ID, request your name is changed with all other companies. You may need to return a company’s name change form, send a letter or fax. Click below to get all your name change paperwork and the procedures for each company.


BC allows brides fewer choices for marriage name change. We explain your options and how to change names after marriage.

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