Ordering Your Nova Scotia Marriage Certificate

Ordering Your Nova Scotia Marriage Certificate

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Anyone married in Nova Scotia can apply for their own marriage certificate from Nova Scotia Vital Statistics. Your VS issued marriage certificate is essential to change names, as many companies will need to see proof of entitlement to be known by your new name. There’s no formal steps to take when changing names, simply show your marriage certificate when updating photo ID and your name will be changed.

You can either return a marriage certificate application form to Nova Scotia Vital Statistics (download the form from the link below), or else you can apply in person or online directly from the Vital Statistics websites. Current fees and information on how to pay is listed on the form.


Get your records updated

Companies set their own procedure for name change, so not each company requires your original certificate. Sometimes you can send a certified copy, a photocopy or updated ID. If you need to update your name in many places, click the button below to learn the name change procedure and get the paperwork you need for most places where you’ll need to change names.