Ontario Marriage Name Change

Ontario Marriage Name Change

Ontario Marriage Name Change

Your marriage name change options

People married in Ontario have a number of marriage name change options. Either spouse may take their partner’s surname in place of their own, or in addition to their own (either with a hyphen or space). Of course, you don’t have to change names after marriage, but if you’re visiting this site you probably want to know more about it.

Marriage name change – assumed name

Typically there is no official registration of your new married name as marriage name change is known as an assumed name. This means you are still entitled to be known by either your maiden name or married name, regardless of how much time has passed and your marital status. All you need to get started changing names is your wedding certificate. If you don’t yet have your Ontario wedding certificate, learn how to apply here. If you were married elsewhere you may present any government issued marriage certificate in English, French or a foreign language with a translation.

Ontario legal name change after marriage

People married in Ontario have the option of making their new married name legally binding. By doing so, you legally denounce your prior name and can no longer use it. Once you successfully lodge the legal marriage name change form with Service Ontario, you can no longer be known by your prior name and must get all your records changed into your married name as soon as possible.

There is no distinct benefot for a wife to undertake this process, however it is ideal for a husband or same sex partner when changing names, as a legal name change certificate or amended birth certificate will be issued. Present your name change or amended birth certificate when requesting a name change with companies, especially as some organizations can be more challenging when a husband or same sex partner requests a married name change. 

Legal married name change is free if you apply to Service Ontario within 90 days of your wedding, and $25 after 90 days. This process may not benefit a wife changing names as all organizations are generally well versed with marriage name change with only a wedding certificate. Still, this option is available to both Ontario brides and grooms.

What happens next?

Once you have a marriage certificate (or legal name change document from marriage) you need to get all your identification, accounts and memberships changed into your new married name. Click the button below and select who you need to notify and we’ll provide you with the comprehensive procedure for each one. Aloso receive any special company name change forms. If any of your selected companies need a letter or fax, we’ll provide you with a pre-addressed notification in your name so you just need to add your wedding certificate, sign and send.

Ready to get started?

No matter if you already have your marriage certificate or are yet to apply, we can help. Choose to download the marriage certificate application form for Ontario, and select all the other companies you need to notify. We provide all the paperwork necessary. Just add your certificate when it arrives and send. 


Ontario offers a range of name change options to spouses after marriage. You can change surnames, add a surname to your existing name or leave as is.  We explain how to make it possible.

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