What Documents Do I Need To Send?

What Documents Do I Need To Send?

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The documents you show as proof of name change will depend on your reason for changing names.

Marriage name change

If you're changing names from marriage and want to take your spouse's surname, either in addition to your own, or as a replacement, you only need a marriage certificate issued from the Vital Statistics office. 

Name change from divorce

You simply need to prove the link between your married name and former name. Show your court issued divorce decree as proof of your married name, plus your birth certificate (issued by Vital Statistics) as proof of your birth name.

Reverting to maiden name

You need to prove the link between your married and former name. You don't need to be divorced, or even separated. You can change back to your former name no matter what your reason. Simply show your birth certificate as proof of your prior name and your marriage certificate as proof of your married name. If you don't have a Canadian birth certificate you can show your citizenship papers or permanent resident card.

Legal name change

If you are changing names, but not taking or removing your spouse's surname, you will need a legal name change with Vital Statistics. Anyone born in that province will get an amended birth certificate. If born elsewhere you'll receive a legal name change certificate which can be used everywhere as proof of your name change.

Originals or certified copies?

When changing names with government agencies you're generally required to attend an office in person and always need to show original certificates issued by government agencies as proof of your name change. This may be a court issued divorce decree or name change order, or Vital Statistics issued marriage or birth certificates.

Changing names on all your records

Once your government records have been updated you can change names with all other companies. Most other companies don't need your original certificate. Some accept photocopies, or even updated photo ID. To learn which companies need what proof, just click the button below.