Driving License and Motor Vehicle Name Change

Driving License and Motor Vehicle Name Change

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Update your driver's license in person

Updating your driver’s licence usually needs to be done in person. All provinces have multiple locations where you can have your request processed. Always take your original marriage or name change certificate plus your current drivers licence. If you cannot find your current licence you should take 2 other forms of ID, but always check with the driver licensing authority first as this varies between provinces. You can also have your motor vehicle registration updated at the same time.

The exact name change procedure varies between provinces. To get the exact procedure for changing names on your driver's license, click the button below.


What married name can you take?

Most provinces allow a double barrelled surname on presentation of your marriage certificate. If you province does not allow a double barrelled surname you can try updating your passport first, then bringing this along as supporting evidence of your new name.  On a rare occasion you may be requested to bring in a legal name change certificate to have a double barrelled surname issued on your licence.

Need to change names anywhere else?

Always start by changing your driver's license and other government records. Prioritize your provincial health care card, SIN card and Canadian Revenue Authority. We can provide the procedures, along with any special forms, below. Select any other organizations to receive name change procedures plus company specific forms and ready to send letters and faxes.