Health Card Name Change

Health Card Name Change

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Change names on your provincial health care card before applying for a name change in your passport, as it is a proof of identity requirement for a new passport. It is usually a requirement that you carry your provincial health care cards with you at all times, so it's important it is under your correct name.

How to update your health card

Provinces have a range of procedures to change names on your health card. Most have a name change form and allow name change by mail. Provinces with service offices allow you to change names in person, which you might be able to do at the same time as updating your driver's license. Click the link to learn more about updating your health care card in BC, Ontario or Alberta. To get the name change procedure or form for your province, click the button below.


Update your name with other companies

Next you need to change names with all other companies. A few companies need your request sent online, by email, over the phone, in person. Others may need your request in writing. We can provide all the name change procedures for over 600 Canadian organizations, plus any forms, letters or faxes.