Ordering Your Manitoba Marriage Certificate

Ordering Your Manitoba Marriage Certificate

Ordering Your Manitoba Marriage Certificate

If you were married in Manitoba, your marriage certificate will be available to order from the Vital Statistics office about 2 weeks after your wedding. Many organizations insist on sighting your original government issued certificate before you can change names.  This certificate is essential when updating the name on your ID and accounts. If you have not already applied, download the application form below.


Only the bride or groom can apply for their own certificate. Return the form by mail, by fax, or apply in person at the Vital Statistics Agency in Winnipeg.  Certificates cost about $30 each.

Changing names

Once you have your marriage certificate, apply to change names on your driver’s license, provincial health care card, and apply to change names in person at the bank. You always need to show your original certificate.

Then change names everywhere else. Because each company has different name change procedures, save time by using our company selector to nominate which companies you need to change names with. Receive a personalized checklist with the name change procedure listed for each company, and any corresponding paperwork.


If you were married in Manitoba, apply for your marriage certificate from the Provincial Vital Statistics office. Download the application form here.

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