Ontario Health Card Name Change

Ontario Health Card Name Change

Ontario Health Card Name Change

The name on your Ontario health care card must be changed in person. Attend any Service Ontario office with your current health card and your original certificate.

Applicants must complete the ‘Ontario Change of Information form’, which can be downloaded from the link below, or else pick it up at a Service Ontario branch when you go into change names.  If you have not yet upgraded to a photo card, you must show additional identification documents, check the Service Ontario website for a comprehensive list, or else check the last page of the form.




Supporting paperwork

You must have a Vital Statistics issued marriage certificate, or else a legal name change certificate, amended birth certificate or divorce order before changing names. This certificate must be issued by the court or a provincial government agency, such as Ontario Vital Statistics. Please see our dedicated section on getting your Ontario marriage certificate, or else you can download the application form along with all your other name change paperwork below.

Other places to change names

Also ensure your Ontario driver’s license is given priority when changing names, as many companies may ask to see your updated license instead of a marriage certificate. Next, contact each company where you hold identification, and account or membership. You could be asked to send various supporting documents by mail, fax or in person. To know which documents to send where, click the link below and we can provide you with forms and company specific name change procedures.




It’s free to replace your Ontario health card. The change must be done in person. We explain what specific documents you need to take in with you.

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