Social Insurance Number Name Change

Social Insurance Number Name Change

Social Insurance Number Name Change

Service Canada requires you to update your SIN card in person at any Service Canda outlet. A new card will be issued on the spot. You should take your original proof of name change (eg: Vital Stats certificate) and photo ID.

You can only lodge your application by mail if you live more than 100 kms from a Service Canada outlet. There is no charge to replace a SIN card as a result of name change.

If you change names on your SIN card, be sure to change names with all other agencies and companies around the same time so you don't have issues having to prove your identity. We will provide you with the forms, ready to send name change letters and filing instructions for hundreds of Canadian companies. 


Need to change names anywhere else?

Click the button below to get detailed name change procedures for over 600 Canadian organizations. We'll also provide step by step details on how to change names and any special forms you may need.



Easy Name Change provides you with the form to update your name with Social Insurance Canada.

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