Which kit should I choose?

Which kit should I choose?

Which kit should I choose?

Easy Name Change kits are uniquely created for each client. Simply select which organizations need to be notified of your new name from our database of over 600 Canadian companies. We then explain the name change process for each of your nominated companies. If any have a special form, we’ll provide it. If they need your request in writing, we’ll provide a ready to send letter or fax written in your name.  

All the paperwork you need

Both our $29.95 soft copy and $69.95 hard copy kits contain the exact same information, including company specific name change procedures, along with their forms, personalized letters and faxes. We provide a personalized checklist and the Easy Name Change Guide. The only difference is the hard copy kit is printed and posted along with matching envelopes.

We recommend the hard copy (printed and posted) kit if you don’t have a printer or just want to make the process as painless as possible. This kit is also ideal if you have selected more than 18 organizations as you’ll receive many documents and forms, and printing on an inkjet printer is time consuming and expensive. Both kits come with an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. 



Save money by doing it yourself

If you only have banks and one or two other companies, save money with our basic kit. Receive name change procedures and forms for all the government listings. You'll need to directly contact your bank, phone company, loyalty clubs and more to find out what they need you to do.




Our personalized kits contain the same information. The hard copy kit is also printed and posted and comes complete with matching envelopes.

Considering Changing Names?

Save hours with a personalized name change kit
Guaranteed to save your hours, or your Money Back!
State & Federal agencies
  • Over 200 listings
  • Marriage certificate
  • Driver's license & DMV
  • Passport
Researched processes for;
  • Over 1,000 organizations
  • 12 company categories
  • Unlimited selections
  • Money back guarantee