Name Change After Divorce

Name Change After Divorce

Name Change After Divorce

Get a court order restoring your prior name

Request an order restoring your former name as part of your divorce proceedings. Some courts can issue this before your divorce is finalized and may allow you to take your former name or a new name. This document is needed as proof of your name change.

Or use your divorce order

If your divorce has already been finalized and you didn't request a name change order you can still change names after divorce. It's best to return to the court where your divorce was granted and ask if a name change order can be issued after the fact. If the court cannot issue a name change order without filing a new petition and paying the fee, you may still be able to reclaim your former name by following a name change correction process with the SSA instead. 

Or request a name correction

If you did not request an order restoring your former name, you should request a name correction with the SSA. The process is exactly the same as a SSA name change application, but may be lesser known by SSA staff. Complete the SS5 application for a Social Security Card form. The SSA allows a name correction where you have a subsequent name change following a relationship event such as civil union, marriage, or domestic partnership. Unfortunately many organizations will also also ask for a court order to evidence your name change, in addition to the proof of your name change with the SSA. We recommend updating as many government IDs as possible so that you have multiple proofs of your name change before going onto change names with other companies. (continued)


Always start with Social Security

As with all name changes, start by getting a Social Security card issued in your new name. Other agencies can only change names to be the same as is listed with the SSA. Read our section on divorce name change with Social Security for more information.

Then change your name everywhere else

This is the time consuming part as you need to contact each organization where you hold an account or membership. You'll need to learn the process and make a request to get your records changed, and probably spend some time waiting on hold. Each organization has their own name change procedure. You may need to send a letter, a fax, wait for a form to be delivered, visit in person or go online.

Generally speaking, we recommend providing a copy of your divorce decree AND photo ID under both old and new names when changing names by mail or fax. This results in fewer requests for more information.

Let us do the hard work for you

Can't be bothered calling each company to ask name change procedures and proof requirements? We have all the information you need for over one thousand organizations. When you receive your personalized Easy Name Change kit just add the documents listed at the bottom of each notification, sign and send. If any companies have a special form to complete we'll also provide it personalized in your name along with details on how to submit the form.

Know what proof documents to include

In recent years companies have become more stringent in safeguarding account holder's identity. As a result many women report that it's more difficult to change names after divorce versus when they married and that they are asked for more proof of identity documents. With an Easy Name Change kit you can save yourself the inevitable hassle that comes with changing names, rejected name change requests and hours spent waiting on hold.

Here's how to make the change

The most difficult way is to do it all yourself - it requires lots of research, looking for the latest forms and information.

To make the name change as simple and pain free as possible we recommend our personalized kit. We provide virtually all the forms you need for both government agencies and private organizations. We've researched the name change procedure for each one, so you don't get a letter unless it's that company's name change policy. Best of all, we have an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee, so it's totally risk free. Just click below to get started.



If you’re divorced then you probably have all the documents needed to start changing names! You can get your paperwork sorted in just minutes.

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