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Marriage Name Change

  • How to Order Your Marriage Certificate

    The only document needed to start changing names after marriage is your marriage certificate. Religious certificates can be used in most places, but are accepted.  We explain how to order your certificate from Vital Statistics.

  • What Married Name Can I Take?

    Confused as to what name you can take after marriage?  We explain the options for your new surname.

  • Using Both Married and Maiden Names

    It’s perfectly legal to take your husband’s name on all identification and records, yet be known by your maiden name in some situations, such as at work.

  • Changing Names if you were Married Overseas

    Most foreign issued marriage certificates are accepted when changing names in the USA.  Make sure you follow the correct order to update your records.

  • How to change surnames after marriage

    It’s up to you to notify all the organizations of your new surname. In many cases you’ll need to send a letter, fax or form. We can provide all the paperwork you need.


Divorce Name Change

  • What documents do I need?

    It’s easiest for your preferred name to be noted on your divorce decree.  If you haven’t arranged for this you can show other documents to change names after divorce.

  • How do I Change Names After Divorce?

    All you need is your divorce decree, then it’s up to you to notify organizations. We can provide forms and ready to send letters to save you hours.

  • Separation Name Change

    You may want to change names but are not yet divorced. Perhaps the divorce is dragging on for too long or you just have an unwanted name. We explain your options.

  • What are My Divorce Name Options?

    You may have only been known by your maiden name, or perhaps you have had more than one name.  After divorcing you may revert to any name you have legally held, providing you have sufficient paperwork to prove your link to that name.


Legal Name Change

  • How to Legally Change Names

    Only the court can issue a new legal name.  With a bit of time and patience you may be able to manage the application yourself.  We explain how.

  • Legal Name Change Time and Cost

    Successful applications typically take 3 months. Total costs can vary from around $415 to $550.  We break down all elements of the cost structure so you know what to expect.

  • Who Can Legally Change Names?

    Legal name change is available to both adults and minors.  US citizens and resident legal aliens can apply for a new name via the court.

  • Changing a Child's Name in Florida

    Name change for children is quite common and can occur for a number of reasons.  Both parents or gaurdians must agree unless there are exceptional circumstances.

  • How Can Easy Name Change help?

    Once you have a legal name change order, Easy Name Change helps get your records and identification updated.  We provide comprehensive name change procedures for hundreds of Florida and national organizations.

  • Do I Need A Legal Name Change?

    You don’t need to legally change names if you’re taking or removing your husband’s name after marriage or divorce.  A legal name change is necessary if you want a new name for any other reason.


Name Change Information

  • How Do I Notify Companies of My New Name?

    When changing names you may need to notify around 20 or so companies. We provide all the forms, letters and procedures for each organization and it only takes minutes. 

  • Social Security Name Change

    Try to update your name with the Social Security Administration as soon as possible after your wedding, divorce or legal name change.  Other government departments link to your SSA records.

  • What is a Certified Copy?

    You are often asked to send a certified copy of your name change document or ID.  We explain what this means and why it’s necessary.

  • What Documentation Do I Need to Send?

    In most cases organizations will want proof of your name change. This safeguards your accounts and helps protect against fraud.

  • Name Change for Non Citizens

    Non-citizens are entitled to change their name in the USA, but there a number of factors to take into consideration before making the change.

  • IRS Name Change

    You do not need to update your name directly with the IRS after your marriage, divorce or legal name change. The IRS gets updated details from the SSA, so ensure your social security records have been updated.

  • Passport Name Change

    Its free to update the name in your passport providing it was issued within the past 12 months and you're changing your name from marriage or divorce.

  • Florida Voter Registration Name Change

    Electoral registration is performed by the local electoral registration office for each area. You'll need to send your request directly to your local electoral office.

  • Florida Driver License Name Change

    Change your Florida Driver's License after updating your details with Social Security. Licenses must be updated in person and there is a fee payable.

  • How Soon Should I Change My Name?

    Not everyone is organized enough to change their name immediately - it can take months to get through it all. Our customers can sort their name change paperwork in just minutes.

  • How Do I Change My Name?

    Regardless if you are changing your name from marriage, divorce or legally, Easy Name Change Florida puts all the information you need at your fingertips.