About Easy Name Change

Easy Name Change was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2008 and quickly grew to offer personalized name change services in Canada and the UK.  Easy Name Change personalized kits are now offered US nationwide.

“I couldn’t believe how hard it was to change my name when I married back in 2008. After chatting to a few married friends who hadn’t changed names because of the difficulty, I realised that there was a market for an online name changing service, so I created one!” says co-founder of Easy Name Change, Genevieve Dennis. “After our success in Australia we realised that there was an opportunity to expand overseas and we’re very excited to see how far we can take it!”


Media Enquiries

Genevieve Dennis

tel: +1 305 459 3124

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Easy Name Change in the Media

Easy Name Change is available for comment on all aspects of name change.  Genevieve has been quoted in Australian, UK and US media, including National radio 3AW, the Sydney Telegraph, Melbourne's Herald Sun, The Age and the Sunday Age Life magazine and Brisbane's Courier Mail. She has appeared on The Internet Law Center's 'Cyber Report' on iHeart radio.

About the founders

Genevieve Dennis is an ex FMCG marketing expert, having worked across leading brands both in Australia and overseas, including the American Dairy Association (New York), Edgell (Simplot Australia), Fisher Price & Nestle.

Derrick Dennis is head of development.  He is a web developer, turned product manager, turned SEO strategist and built music industry sites including and  Derrick is a pioneer of digital music in Australia.

Easy Name Change employs a team of research assistants to ensure customers get the latest and most accurate name change information available.


Easy Name Change operates in the USA (Florida), Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.  We're frequently asked for commentary on name change topics.