Why use Easy Name Change?

Why use Easy Name Change?

Money back guarantee

If our kits don't save you hours, or if you're unhappy for any reason at all, you can expect a full refund. Make your request within 60 days of purchase.  Click here to see our no surprises refund policy.

Save hours

We believe our kits will save you more time than any other because they are the most comprehensive available anywhere.  We'll happily refund your money if you don't agree.

No nasty surprises

See who we cover before you pay.  All other kits require upfront payment.  Don't get caught out with a service that only lists a handful of useful organizations then won't refund an unhappy customer!

We are reputable name change experts

Easy Name Change has been around since 2008 and operates in the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK and New Zealand. We're considered the leaders in personalized name change solutions around the world. We have thousands of happy customers and zero bad reviews. Just Google 'Easy Name Change' to see how reputable we are.

Well researched

We have contacted each organization in our database to ensure we have the correct name change procedure, and any form if it is available.  If a company is listed on our site, we have contacted them and list as much information as possible to assist with your name change.

Sign and Send

Where possible we provide name change notifications that are ready for you to just sign and send.  If an organization has a more involved name change procedure, like sending a form or logging in online, we'll provide the form and any instructions.

Secure & finacially verified

Our company and site credentials are verified with McAfee and Comodo. We're financially verified by PayPal and Braintree.  We use secure encryption and securely delete your confidential information after 60 days.  We also have regular hackproof testing.

Best value

No other personalized name change kit is cheaper.  Cheaper kits typically provide blank forms and it's up to you to research each company's procedure, then add your details and the company's details to the tempate. More expensive kits don't have anywhere near the number of organisations as we do.

Need more convincing?

Check out the thousands of happy customers on our Facebook page, or just Google 'Easy Name Change' and check our online cred.

See who we cover before you pay and an unconditional refund policy.  Why wouldn't you want to save hours with our kits?