How to Change Names in Florida

How to Change Names in Florida

The reason why you are changing names will dictate the process that you follow. No matter your reason for changing names, most companies will require some kind of proof before they will update the name on your bank account, identification or other official documents. The first step in any name change is to get a certificate. The type of certificate you need is listed below.

Name Change from Marriage

If you’ve recently been married, rest easy. Your marriage certificate is the only proof you need of your entitlement to be known by a new name. In Florida you can retain your existing name, take your husband’s name in place of your own surname, add his name to your surname (with or without a hyphen), or you can move your maiden name to become a middle name and take a new surname. If you have a Florida driver’s license that you want changed into your new name you must get a marriage certificate from your county clerk or Vital Statistics. If you don’t have a state driver’s license you may use a religious certificate for most, if not all, of your name changes. To get a government certificate just turn up at the clerk of court, prove your identification and pay a small fee to get a copy. Now you’re ready to get all your records updated. See the section at the bottom of the page for more information.

Name Change from Divorce

Once your divorce is final and you have a court order you can go back to your prior name. It’s always best to have your preferred name noted on your divorce order, then the names are linked and every company will accept it as proof of name change. If you didn’t request this when divorcing contact your clerk of court and ask if it can be done after the fact. If this is not possible, you can still revert to your maiden name, just get your social security and your passport (if you have one) updated first as they don’t need an order reinstating your name after divorce.

Legal Name Change

Complete the petition to legally change names, available for download via the resources section of our legal name change section, and file with the Florida courts. Expect to pay over $450 if you are successful. Applications typically take 3 months, then you are given a court order that grants your new name. This document is accepted universally as evidence of your new name.

Getting your Records Updated

Now you have your accepted proof of your name change (eg: marriage certificate, divorce order or legal name change order), you’re ready to start changing names! All organisations that have a financial responsibility to you or ones that issue identification must see this document as proof of your name change. 

First get your social security records updated. We provide the application form you need. Next, visit the DMV and your banks in person to get your name change done. Ther's a $25 fee for a new driver's license. You’ll need photo ID and your original marriage certificate, divorce order or legal name change order.

Next, make a list of all the organisations that must be notified for your name to be updated. Got a few days spare? Call around and learn the procedures yourself, then get ready to write letters, faxes and wait for forms to be delivered. Want it done as quickly as possible? For just $19.95 we'll provide comprehensive name change procedures, including all the paperwork you'll need, for almost all the companies you need to notify. Just click here to start.

Some companies may need you to return a form or send a letter or fax. Either take the time to wait for the form and write these out, or just simply sign and send all the documents we provide. Then your name change is done. Make sure your work, family and friends all start using your new name. Keep an eye out for the mail so you can catch any companies you may have missed that are still sending post under your old name.

Married? Divorced? Legally changing names? We explain the process for changing names in Florida no matter what your reason.

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