Social Security name change due to marriage in Florida

Social Security name change due to marriage in Florida

Just married in Florida? Prioritize changing names with the Social Security Administration (SSA).

The SSA must be updated first

Other government departments, such as the Florida Dept of Highway Saftey and Motor Vehicles, link records from the SSA. They will only change the name on your license to what is currently listed with the SSA. The SSA usually updates records within 3-4 working days of receiving your request. You can then apply to all other agencies, such as your driver's license. The IRS links records directly from the SSA so you do not need to notify them directly.

What paperwork does the SSA require?

You must show a certified copy of your marriage certificate, provided it is not more than 2 years old. If you were married more than 2 years ago you must also show an identity document in your prior name (this may be an expired license or passport. Other documents are accepted too.)

If you have not already proved your lawful status you may need to show additional docuements (ie: proof of citizenship, birth certificate, passport or visa)

How do I file my name change with the SSA?

Apply in person

Take form SS5 'Application for a Social Security Card', as included in your Easy Name Change kit, plus your certified marriage certificate to any Social Security Office.

Apply by mail

Complete form SS5 'Application for a Social Security Card', as included in your Easy Name Change kit. Return the form using the Easy Name Change mailing slip. Include a certified copy of your marriage certificate. Please note your marriage certificate will be returned to you by mail. 

What fees are there for changing names?

There is no fee to apply for a name change with the SSA. You may not be issued a new card as your number will not change. If you need proof of your name change with the SSA, simply take any letter you have received from the SSA that now states your new name and SSN.

If you are changing names in a number of places, you may encounter the following fees;


  • Florida marriage certificate. Certified copies cost $5 for the first, then $4 for subsequent copies
  • Florida driver's license. $25
  • Replacement passport. This is free is your passport was issued less than 12 months ago. If your passport was issued more than 12 months ago expect to pay around $110 for a replacement passport book and/or $30 for a replacement passport card.  
  • An Easy Name Change kit. We recommend the standard kit, but if you want it printed and posted you'll need to order our premium kit. Our kits are optional, but will save you about 10 hours of research and paperwork and come with a 100% money back guarantee. 



Need to notify the SSA of your new name after marriage. We'll give you the form, instructions for the SSA, and all other organizations servicing Florida.

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