Divorce Name Change in Florida

Getting your name back just got a whole lot easier

How do I change names after divorce?

You can start changing names as soon as your divorce order is issued by the court. Then contact all agencies and companies where you hold a record and request a name change. Save yourself the hassle of a day on hold and let us provide you with company specific name change forms, plus ready to send letters and faxes in your name. Just sign and send!

What proof of name change document do I need?

A court order restoring your prior name, or any other name, is ideal, however you can change names with just a divorce order. We explain the documents and the full process in our name change guide, which comes with all name change kits (even our free kit!)

And it's free!

Got 5 minutes? Just click below to get started. Use our free kit to manage your own name change, or for a bit extra we'll provide you with virtually all the paperwork needed. If you're not happy for any reason expect a full refund.


We've loads of divorce name change information in our articles to the right. More comprehensive divorce name change information is provided in all our name change kits, including the free kit.

Our kits come in multiple flavors. Choose the guide that best suits your needs.