How do I Change Names After Divorce?

How do I Change Names After Divorce?

If you are contemplating name change after divorce you have come to the right place! You do not need to lodge a legal name change through the court. Instead, request your preferred name to be noted as part of your divorce proceedings. If you don’t have your preferred name noted on the divorce decree, you can use other documents as proof to change back to your maiden name. Read our section on divorce name change documents for a more comprehensive listing.

Once you have sufficient documents evidencing your preferred name, it’s up to you to notify all the relevant organizations of your new name. You can contact every organization one by one to find out what their name change procedure is.  Ask where you need to send a letter, a fax or visit a branch in person. It usually takes around 6 hours to research numbers, wait on hold, then write letters or wait for forms to be delivered. Easy Name Change kits can cut this down to just 15 minutes.

We collate all the information needed to change names after divorce. Simply let us know which organizations and records need to be updated. Within a few minutes of checkout you’ll receive ready to send letters and faxes in your name with each organizations details and supporting document requirements. All you need to do is sign, add highlighted documents and post!

If any organizations do not allow name change by fax or mail we give you full details on how should notify them of your change of name. With personalized kits costing less than a night out at the movies, it will be the easiest part of your divorce, and it will save you hours!

All you need is your divorce decree, then it’s up to you to notify organizations. We can provide forms and ready to send letters to save you hours.

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