Separation Name Change

Separation Name Change

When you took your husband’s name after marriage you simply presented your marriage certificate and assumed his name. The process was quite simple. Unfortunately the process for untangling yourself from his name is unfairly more complicated.

Your identification and records can’t be changed back to your maiden name until you have either a divorce decree issued by the court or a court ordered legal name change order. If you expect your divorce to be wrapped up within three months it will be quickest to wait for your divorce to be finalized via the court. If, after divorcing, you intend to change to your maiden name, or any name you have legally held before marriage, request that the divorce order notes what name you would prefer to be known as post-divorce. 

It may be as simple as notating your birth name and married names, and having it noted that you now want to be known by your maiden name. If you have a more complicated history of names, request your preferred name is notated and ask that the record also shows your birth and married names. If you don't have your preferred name noted on your divorce decree you can still change names by presenting other documents.

If your divorce is likley to drag on for more than three months and you can’t wait that long for your name change, the only other option is a court ordered legal name change. The court process for legal name change typically takes three months. Legal name change can grant any name you want, so you may revert to your birth name, any prior name, or a new name altogether. Read our section on legal name change for more information.

How can Easy Name Change help?

Once you have your divorce certificate or legal name change order, you’ll need to inform a number of organizations of your new name. This typically includes updating the name on your driver’s license, utility accounts, phone and TV accounts, loyalty memberships and more. Easy Name Change saves you hours of ringing around, waiting on hold, writing letters and hunting for forms. Just select which organizations you need to notify from our database, provide some basic name change and contact information and we’ll instantly create ready to send name change notifications and provide any special forms you’ll need. In many cases just sign your old and new names, and send!

If you only have a state and federal agencies and one or two more companies to update check out our basic kit for just $20. It has everything you need to get started changing names.

Still waiting for your divorce certificate or legal name change order?

Our system lets you choose any date to be printed on your letters, so they are ready to go as soon as your certificate or order is ready. You can get a head start on your name change paperwork now, but we recommend ordering no more than 2 months in advance as our forms are regularly updated.

You may want to change names but are not yet divorced. Perhaps the divorce is dragging on for too long or you just have an unwanted name. We explain your options.

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