What documents do I need?

What documents do I need?

If your divorce is current

You should request an order restoring your former name as part of your divorce proceedings. This will be a seperate document to your divorce order. It lists your married name and the name you would like to be known as in the future. While most divorcees typically revert to their birth name, you can request any other name, but will usually need to provide a sound reason. The order is referred to as a legal name change order and is accepted everywhere as proof of your name change. There's often only a minor charge to have your name changed in divorce proceedings.

You should ask the court to make three or four certified copies of your name change order, as some companies require you to post it. This way your name change is not held up waiting for a certificate to be returned. Some companies may need you to show additional identification documents in conjunction with your divorce certificate, such as a driver’s license. If you purchase and Easy Name Change personalized kit we explain the supporting documents required by each organization on our notifications.

Divorced and didn't request a name change order?

If you have recently been divorced and didn’t request your name change at that time you should speak to the clerk of court as you may be able to have a name change order issued after the fact for only a little extra.  

You can still revert to your prior name without having that name noted on your divorce decree or being given a separate name change order. Start by updating your Social Security records. The SSA name change request form lists a number of options on alternative documents you may present as evidence of your new name. We explain this in more detail in our Easy Name Change guide, which comes with all kits.

Once your SSA records are updated you may update your drivers licence. You must surrender your existing license and pay a $25 fee. Make sure you take several copies of your existing licence before surrendering it and have the DHSMV certified them as true copies as some organizations may require you to prove both your old and new names.

Need more advice?

It can be difficult to revert back to your old name after a divorce, particularly if you didn't get a legal name change order as part of your divorce. We explain the process of divorce name change and what documents you can use in absence of a name change order in our Easy Name Change guide, which comes with all name change kits. Ready to start changing names? Just click the link to your kit from the table below.

It’s easiest for your preferred name to be noted on your divorce decree.  If you haven’t arranged for this you can show other documents to change names after divorce.

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