Who Can Legally Change Names?

Who Can Legally Change Names?

Legal name change is available to any US citizen or resident legal alien.  There are separate procedures and forms for legal name change for minors and adults.


Eligibility requirements

  • The court must find reasons for the change of name to be relevant so you need to provide a sound reason for your name change.  
  • You do not need to publish any notices of intent to change your name.
  • Your new name may be rejected if it is considered offensive, against public interest, or is intended to defraud individuals or organizations, or if it is intended to avoid judgment, penalties or debt.  
  • The general public can also object to your name change.  The objection may be upheld if the court finds your change of name is against public interest.


The process

  • Once you decide to change names you may be able to manage the process yourself, with a bit of time and patience. 
  • We can supply the Florida legal name chage petition (forms) in your name change kit, or get the petition from your circuit court
  • Your name is legally changed once your petition has been granted by the court and a legal name change order is issued (about 3 months. Costs about $450-$600 in total)
  • You must arrange all your identification, accounts and records to be updated. Easy Name Change provides all the necessary forms and information for hundreds of companies. Just sign and send!
  • There's often a time constraint on changing over your records once a legal name change order has been issued. Many agencies need to be notified within 10 days.  



  • If you are not a US citizen you should read our section on name change for non-citizens before making the decision to change names. 
  • If you expect to become a citizen soon, you can have your name legally changed at no additional cost as part of the citizenship process.

Need more information


Read up on how to legally change names via the Florida court system.

Get information on how to change a child's name.

Legal name change is available to both adults and minors.  US citizens and resident legal aliens can apply for a new name via the court.

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