How to change surnames after marriage

How to change surnames after marriage

Over 80% of US brides intend to change names after marriage, and typically need to inform around 20 organizations. It’s up to you to contact each one and get your records updated, and they all have different procedures. Some companies need you to send a letter, a fax or form, others may allow name change over the phone, by logging into your account or visiting a branch in person.

Let Easy Name Change help

We've done all the hard work so there's no need to figure it all out yourself. Our basic kit provides all the name change procedures and forms for state and federal agencies. You also get the Easy Name Change guide that explains marriage name change in detail, plus our comprehensive checklist. This is ideal for anyone with only a few companies to contact or who wants to save time and money.

Got a whole lot of companies to notify?

Our personalized kits go one better and provide all the procedures and paperwork for hundreds of organizations. No need to call around, spend time on hold or wait for forms to be delivered. We explain the name change process in detail so you're not left guessing or having generic letters returned. 

Ready to get started?

Brides only need their marriage certificate to start changing names. Even if you don't have this we can provide you with the application form as part of your kit. Next arrange for your Social Security records to be updated, change government issued ID then start notifying all other organizations.  An organized bride can expect all her records to be updated in her new name within a few weeks.

It’s up to you to notify all the organizations of your new surname. In many cases you’ll need to send a letter, fax or form. We can provide all the paperwork you need.

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