Using Both Married and Maiden Names

Using Both Married and Maiden Names

Many women who invest years in building a reputation in their industry often want to retain a link to their maiden name, especialy if their business depends on referrals.

You Can be Known by 2 Different Names

You may choose to change all your identification and accounts into your married name. However your work collages and business cards may identify you by your maiden name. Follow our tips to keep your identity documents in order;

  • Ensure the same name appears consistently on your license, passport, bank records and accounts. `
  • If you have inconsistencies with your maiden name and married names appearing on different identification documents and records you may have issues with making travel arrangements or proving your identity. 

If you retain your maiden name at work, but change all your accounts to your new surname, ensure your workplace is aware of the change. They may need to update payroll records, any insurance policies or pension plans.

If you decide to change names on all your records while keeping your maiden name in some situations, you should follow the same name change procedure as brides changing names. Read our section on how to change names after marriage for further information.

It’s perfectly legal to take your husband’s name on all identification and records, yet be known by your maiden name in some situations, such as at work.

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