What Married Name Can I Take?

What Married Name Can I Take?

These days anything goes, however many people are surprised to learn that around 80% of brides intend to change names after marriage. And almost 85% of brides who change names drop their maiden name and take their husband’s in its place, an increase from the past three decades.

  1. The most straightforward and popular choice is to cease using your maiden name and take your husband’s surname.  
  2. Florida brides can take their husband's surname and move their maiden name to become a middle name. Follow the steps outlined in the Easy Name Change guide so that your name change is not rejected anywhere.
  3. Add your husband’s name to your own. You can join the names with a space (double barreled) or hyphen (hyphenated). The order of the names is up to you but traditionally the husband’s name appears last.
  4. Use your married name and maiden name in different places. You may want to continue to be known by your maiden name at work, but you can still update all your identification and records to your husband’s name and be known by your husband’s surname outside of work. See our section on using both married and maiden names for more information.

If you change your name in any of the ways mentioned above, you only need your marriage certificate to get started. Government departments and organizations will change your records into your preferred name on presentation of your marriage certificate.

A legal name change by the court is required if you want to take a surname other than your husband's. While still uncommon, it is becoming more popular for newlyweds to blend their surnames together to make a whole new name. There are also couples who decide not to honor the groom’s father’s name and may take the bride’s family name, the groom’s mothers name or an ancestral name. A legal name change is required in all these scenarios. If you are not yet married, the groom may petition the court for a legal name change well before the wedding (legal name change could take 4 months or longer). If his name change has been approved before he is married the bride may assume his new surname by presenting her marriage certificate.

Once you decide to change names, it’s your responsibility to get all your identification and records updated. Read our section on how to change names after marriage to find out how to do this.

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Confused as to what name you can take after marriage?  We explain the options for your new surname.

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