How to Order Your Marriage Certificate

How to Order Your Marriage Certificate

Civil Versus Reigious Certificates

Religious Ceremonies

If married in a religious ceremony you may have been issued a church marriage certificate. This is accepted as proof of your name change everywhere except the Florida Dept of Highway Saftey and Motor Vehicles. If applying for a new Florida driver's license you must apply for a government marriage certificate.

Civil Ceremonies

If you were presented with a certificate at the time of your civil ceremony it is likley to be a ceremonial certificate. You must apply to the county clerk where your license was filed for a government issued certificate. It may take 10-14 days from your marriage ceremony until the certificate is available to order. 

Order From the County Clerk

Once your ceremony has been performed the officiant will complete the marriage license and return it to the county clerk's office for filing. No matter the type of wedding you held, you can apply for a certified copy of your marriage certificate from the county clerk.

Fees and how to apply

Marriage certificate fees are set at a county level, however most counties charge about $5 for the first certificate, and $4 for any subsequent certificates ordered at the same time.

  • In most cases you can order in person at the county clerk's office and have your marriage certificate issued on the spot. 
  • Many Florida counties have online ordering facilities
  • Some counties allow you to order by mail
  • To learn your county's ordering process and current fees, simply google 'marriage certificate' plus your county's name 

Ordering from State Vital Statistics

All Florida counties must eventually send all marriage records through to Florida Vital Statistics. You may order a certified copy of your marriage certificate directy from Florida Vital Statistics, providing you were married more than 60 days ago.

Click to access the state order form and latest fees.

Update your records

Once you have a certified copy of your marriage certificate you can start updating your records. 

  • Always update SSA first. File form SS5 'Application for a social security card'. We provide the form and help you compelte it.
  • Next, change names on photo ID, such as your Florida driver's license. Do this in person at any FLHSMV office. There is a $25 replacement fee.
  • Change names with all other state and federal agencies. We'll provide all the forms and procedures you need.
  • Change names with all companies: insurance, banks, credit cards, loyalty clubs, travel rewards, utilities and more. Buy an Easy Name Change kit to get ready to send paperwork and information for all your organizatons.


The only document needed to start changing names after marriage is your marriage certificate. Religious certificates can be used in most places, but are accepted.  We explain how to order your certificate from Vital Statistics.

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