How Do I Change My Name?

How Do I Change My Name?

Changing your name after marriage or divorce or legally changing names via the court can be confusing. Once you have the paperwork to prove your new name it's up to you to notify all the relevant organizations. This is time consuming because each company has a different name change procedure and supporting document requirements. 

First, get your certificate

No matter what your reason for changing names, you'll need some kind of proof. This is to safeguard your accounts and ensure people only change accounts that belong to them. If you were married you will be issued with a marriage certificate. If you've divorced you can either request an order restoring your prior name or use your divorce order. Changing names for any other reason will require a court ordered name change.

No matter what your reason for changing names, we refer to this document as 'your certificate' on all our notifications. You can learn more about getting this document and changing names for these situations in our Easy Name Change guide, provided in all our kits. 

Then update Social Security

Make sure the first organization you update your name with is Social Security. We include the name change form and details on how to lodge in all our kits. 

Then update all other government agencies

Easy Name Change's basic kit allows you to receive all the name change forms, paperwork and procedures with federal and state agencies. We also include application forms for marriage certificates, divorce orders or the paperwork to file for a legal name change.

Then update all other records

This is the time consuming part. Typically a person needs to contact about 15-20 companies to get their name updated. Sometimes you'll need to send a form, a letter, a fax, visit a branch in person or something else. Calling around to lern the procedures yourself takes almost a whole day. Easy Name Change can provide all the paperwork and procedures for hundreds more companies for just a little extra. And if you're not happy for any reason expect a full refund.

Ready to start changing names now?

Just select which kit you want from our table below.

Regardless if you are changing your name from marriage, divorce or legally, Easy Name Change Florida puts all the information you need at your fingertips.

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