How Do I Notify Companies of My New Name?

How Do I Notify Companies of My New Name?

If you have changed your name after marriage or divorce, or if you have legally changed your name you will generally need to inform around 20 organizations. Don't waset time trying to figure out how to go about this yourself - we've got all the information you need.

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Once you've got your marriage certificate, divorce order or legal name change order we can help. Check out our basic Easy Name Change kit and you'll receive name change forms and processes for state and federal agencies. We also provide the Easy Name Change guide that steps you through the process and a detailed checklist so you don't forget any organizations.

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For just a little extra we can provide the name change forms, letters, faxes and procedures for hundreds more companies. Don't spend time on hold or waiting for forms to be delivered. We have everything you need here right now so you can get on with your name change because I'm sure you have better things to do.

How to get started changing names

No matter what your situation, the first place to change names is with the Social Security Administration. We provide the SSA name change form in all our kits. Once your SSA records are updated you can start changing your name with government agencies, such as Florida DMV, your passport and more. All this information and corresponding forms is included in all our kits. 

Once you've updated your name with the varius government agencies you need to get all your other records changed over, such as your utility accounts, phone, cell, TV, internet, banks, credit cards, frequent flyers. The list goes on! If you only have one or two companies to notify the basic kit is perfect. If you can think of 5 or more companies you need to contact our personalized kits are ideal. Cut out all the research and let us send you everything you need in just 10 minutes. 

Ready to start changing names now?

Just select which kit you want from the table below and we'll step you through the rest. You only need 10 minutes and you can have virtually all the paperwork taken care of.

When changing names you may need to notify around 20 or so companies. We provide all the forms, letters and procedures for each organization and it only takes minutes. 

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