What Documentation Do I Need to Send?

What Documentation Do I Need to Send?

Most organizations will want to see a government issued document that proves your name change. This safeguards your account and helps protect against fraud.

The supporting document you need to send usually depends on the reason for changing your name. If you're changing names after marriage, organizations usually want to see a Christian, Jewish or government issued marriage certificate. If you're changing name after divorce you would need to present your court ordered divorce decree. If you're legally changing your name you should show your final judgment document issued by the court.

Banks and organizations that issue identification (such as your driver’s license and passport) often have additional identification requirements to safe gaurd your identity. You may also need to show photo ID and proof of address before your name change is accepted.

Each organization can set their own policies and requirements on what documents will be accepted to change your name. In some cases you can show updated government issued photo ID for your name to be updated. 

It can be time difficult and time consuming to change your name as each company sets their own procedures for name change.  Easy Name Change Florida can help turn a 6 hour mission into a simple 15 minute exercise.  We have the name change requirements for over 1,000 US organizations.  We list the steps you need to take with each company and give you full supporting document requirements.

Save yourself hours of ringing around and find out exactly what each company needs to see.  Gather all your paperwork and supporting documents in one hit then send it all off.

In most cases organizations will want proof of your name change. This safeguards your accounts and helps protect against fraud.

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