Name Change for Non Citizens

Name Change for Non Citizens

Not a US citizen? You can still change names in the USA! You should be a legal resident alien with a permanent US address. It may only be worth changing names if you intend to reside in the county for the foreseeable future.


We ALWAYS RECOMMEND speaking with an immigration professional, the US immigration department or the embassy that issued your visa to understand how a name change might impact your unique situation. We can not be respobsible for name changes that impact your travel and residency in the USA.

Are you planning citizenship soon? 

The legal name change process is managed by your county court. It can be lengthy and expensive. If you plan on becoming a citizen soon, we recommend holding off your legal name change as it can be done as part of the citizenship process at no additional cost.   

Green card holders

It is recommended permanent aliens should apply for a replacement green card. The total cost is around $450. Get the application forms and lodgement details in any of our kits. It is not mandatory you update your green card - in which case you should always travel with both your green card and a certified copy of your legal name change order in case you need to prove identity.

Don't have a green card or Social Security card?

If you do not hold a green card or social security card then it may be easier to apply for a name change in your country of citizenship. Once changed arrange for an updated passport. When opening US accounts or applying for a US driver's license you are usually required to show a foreign passport as proof of your identity. Contact the US embassy that issued your US Visa to fist check if name change will create issues with your visa, which will need to be reissued into your new passport.

Get your records updated

Once you have decided to move forward with your name change, follow the same name change process as listed on our site for marriage, divorce or legal name change.  Once US immigration has been notified, prioritize your Social Security records as other government departments pull your personal information from here. Once Social Security is updated, the IRS will be automatically notified and you can also change your driver’s license.

We recommend checking our our $20 basic kit to get all the paperwork and procedures to change names with US state and federal agencies. For a little extra we can provide comprehensive name change procedures for hundreds more US organizations.

What about my name in my home country?

You may want to update your name in your country of citizenship, but it may not always be necessary. It is for each foreign country's authorities to determine if a US document can be used as proof of name change. You may be required to undertake a legal name change or marriage ceremony in your country of citizenship for your new name to be recognized. You should speak with your embassy and undertake your own research to understand more.    

Booking international travel

A strong warning: be careful when booking international travel!  You should only book flights under the name that currently appears in your passport. 

You can usually have airline tickets reissued in your new name if you provide evidence of your prior and current names (such as copies of your old and new passport, together with proof of name change). Airlines will not let you change the name on your ticket to any name that has not appeared on a previous or current passport.

You may also encounter issues if the credit card used for the booking is under a different name that your passport.  We recommend travelling with a copy of your marriage certificate, divorce decree or legal name change order in case you encounter difficulties.

How come Easy Name Change does not provide name change advice for immigration?

Immigration is a complex area of the law and Easy Name Change are not specialists in immigration. As each situation is unique, laws differ from country to country and some laws are quite complex we do not provide any further information beyond what appears on this page.  

If you have any further questions regarding your situation we recommend you speak to an immigration professional, US Citizenship and Immigration Services or your embassy.  

Non-citizens are entitled to change their name in the USA, but there a number of factors to take into consideration before making the change.

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