Passport Name Change

Passport Name Change

There is no charge for passport name change as a result of marriage or divorce, providing your current passport was issued within 12 months of your name change application.  You need to complete form DS-5504 which is available from the Passports website, or in any Easy Name Change kit.

If you want to change a passport that was issued more than 12 months ago you need to complete form DS-5504, regardless of your reason for name change.  This form can be downloaded from the Passports website, or just select passports when creating your Easy Name Change kit.  If you are completing form DS-5504 you must pay the full passport fee, regardless of when your passport was issued or any remaining validity.  Your new passport will be valid for 10 years.  As fees are subject to change without notice it is always best to check the Passports website for the most up to date advice.  At the time of writing, a standard 10 year passport costs $110.  Passport cards cost $30.

You will need the document that proves your name change.  This should be a certified copy of your divorce decree, marriage certificate or court order showing a seal and officiate/judge signature.  You will also need to show other documents proving your identity. If you do not have one of the above listed documents as proof of your name change (for instance, you have been divorced but did not have your intent to revert to your maiden name included as part of your divorce proceedings), you may still be able to have a passport issued under another name, but you will have to supply a number of additional documents and apply in person.  For further information check information for lodging form DS-11 on the passports website.

You can start your passport application online, or you can use the form included in your Easy Name Change kit.  Once completed you can lodge your application by mail, or you can lodge it in person at an acceptance facility. Full lodgement details are included in your kit and are also explained on the form itself.

If you are changing the name in your passport, you must update your name with the Social Security Administration first.  Your application will be rejected unless the name on your SSA record matches your passport application.  

Who else do you need to notify of your new name?

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Its free to update the name in your passport providing it was issued within the past 12 months and you're changing your name from marriage or divorce.

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