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Social Security Name Change

Make updating the name on your Social Security card one of the first things you do when changing names.  The SSA is the starting point for many government organizations. Unless your name change has been updated with social security then you will be unable to update your Florida driver’s license.

You won’t get a new social security number when changing names with Social Security – it stays the same.  You may get a new card issued in your new name.  Once Social Security receives your application they issue a new card in approximately two weeks.

We provide the Social Security name change form in all our kits. The basic kit allows you to select as many federal and state agencies and we'll send you all the forms and instructions, and even step you through completnig the forms online. You'll also get the Easy Name Change guide and a comprehensive checklist. We explain the lodgement instructions and what identity documents to include. 

If you've got banks, insurance, credit cards, rewards and other companies to update consider our unlimited kit. You can select from our database of over 1,000 listings. We can even print and post if you don't have a printer.


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