Florida Voter Registration Name Change

Florida Voter Registration Name Change

Voter registration is managed at a state level.  The simplest way to have your details updated is to notify the Florida Division of Elections. You may also change your details via the US Election Assistance Commission form, however the form must be lodged with your local authority.

Florida Division of Elections

If you've already registered to vote you need to advise the Florida Division of Elections of your name change. You should complete the voter registration form which is provided in all Easy Name Change kits. Your new signature will be recorded on the application form. You may also change address and order a replacement voter card using the same form.

US Election Assistance Commission

Complete the National Mail Voter Registration Form to update your name. It's best not to print the whole form as it's over 30 pages long. You may use the same form to advise of a change of address. The form must be lodged with your state or local election office for processing. The form includes state specific lodgement advice.

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Electoral registration is performed by the local electoral registration office for each area. You'll need to send your request directly to your local electoral office.

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