Basic Kit Problems

Basic Kit Problems


My PDFs are jumbled or can’t be opened

I can’t open the zip file

I need to make changes to my kit

Some PDF’s appear incomplete


My PDFs are jumbled or can't be opened

There are two possible causes for PDF problems;

1) You’re not running Adobe reader X or higher.  Click here to get the free reader for Mac or PC. 

2) Mac user's PDFs may appear blank if you use the previewer.  Please ensure you fully open the PDF in Adobe.

In the unlikely event these steps don't rectify the problem you can try opening the attachments on a different computer. Ask your partner, a friend or work colleague to open your files on their computer. Our kits are automated and are created using the latest software, and consistently show no faults. We are unable to repliacte user issues, particularly with corrupted files, as this is an end user system configuration issue on the receiver's system.

If you are unable to find anyone who can assist you, consider upgrading to a premium kit where we print and post everything to you.  You also receive company specific name change procedures, including forms and ready to send letters and faxes. Only pay the difference for your premium kit. You need your password to access the site, which we automatically sent it on registration. You can request a password reminder. Contact us for more information.


I can't open the zip file

We bundle all your attachments into a .zip file before sending to you. You need an unzipping program, such as Zipeg or Winzip to access the files inside. Unzipping programs are often pre-loaded on new computers, or else download Zipeg.  

Once you open the files inside the  zip, highlight all attachments and chose to extract them to a known location, such as your desktop, then access the files from that location. 

Please don’t contact us about unzipping your files – we are unable to provide this service.


I need to make changes to my kit

You can make any changes necessary and order a replacement kit for a $5 admin fee. Simply log back in with your email and the password we emailed on registration. If you can't find your registration email, you may request a password reminder . Make any changes and contact us for a regeneration code. Enter the unique code we provide on the checkout page to have a replacement kit sent for just $5. 


Some PDF’s appear incomplete

If a company needs a form returned by mail we include a mailing slip. It contains the company’s mailing address and the documents to include in the envelope. It’s pre-formatted to be read through a window envelope. If you don’t plan to return forms in a window envelope you don’t need to print this page. 

If you've checked out our basic kit and have some kind of problem, we have the answer here.