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Easy Name Change is a notification service. We help get your identification, accounts and memberships updated after your new name is made legal by the court. Once you have the court order, simply attach it to our letters, faxes and forms as indicated and send.  We can’t help prepare your court petition or provide you with your state’s legal name change procedure.

If you’re serious about a legal name change, get in contact with the court clerk in the county where you normally reside. Just google ‘county clerk of court’, plus your county name for contact details. Most applications can be made without a lawyer if you have a basic understanding of the court process.

Easy Name Change are not lawyers and the information on our site is of a general nature only. If you need more information please see one of the sites below, or contact the clerk of court in your county. If you live in a different state from the ones below you'll need to Google and research the information yourself.