Filing Name Change with Companies

Filing Name Change with Companies

Filing Name Change with Companies

Even if you have been using a different name for your whole life, your license, passport and bank accounts must be under your birth or married name. To file your name change with these organizations, you wll be required to show a court order proving your entitlement to be known by a different name. See our section on how to change names for more information.

Once you have your court-ordered name change you must stop using your prior name and ensure all your records, such as bank accounts, passport, licenses and other government identification, phone bills, power bills and more are changed into your new name. There's probably a whole bunch of other companies you haven't thought about yet, like frequent flyer programs, loyalty clubs, alumni records and more.

Once your name change is approved by the court it is best to set aside some time to ensure your name is changed everywhere at once. You'll run into problems where you need to prove your identity, but have different names in different places. Getting memberships and accounts updated usually takes 6-8 hours across a day or two. There are also some places where you will need to visit in person. An Easy Name Change kit can cut out paperwork, research and waiting on hold, so you can get your name change paperwork completed in under an hour.  

What proof do I need to get my accounts updated?

Each organization sets their own name change process and paperwork. Banks and financial companies are quite stringent and usually need to witness your original court-ordered name change document, photo ID and new signature. Companies such as communications or insurance providers may require just a photocopy of your court order. Where a company needs definitive proof of your name change but doesn't want the responsibility of handling your original court order via the mail they may ask for a notarized copy. Sometimes you will need to show updated photo ID. The only way to know what each company requires is to contact them one by one, spend several hours on hold and ask. Or save yourself a full day of hassle with an Easy Name Change kit.

Update your name with federal and state agencies first

Apply for a new Social Security card first. Only after the SSA is updated can you change names with the DMV and on your passport. You may have other considerations, such as armed forces personnel, any special licenses or immigration. Receive the necessary government agency name change forms and procedures with any of our kits and save yourself hours of hassle.


Update all other accounts and memberships

Consider all the places where you hold an account or membership. Each one will need to be informed of your legal name change. Save yourself the headache of contacting each company directly. Get an Easy Name Change personalized kit. We provide ready-to-send forms, leters and faxes in your name, ready to sign and send. Know exactly what each company requires, including any proof documents. No need to call up, or wait on hold; we provide detailed evidence of identity and filing instructions for each organization, so you don’t waste time figuring it all out.

Ready to change names?

If you've got a court order granting a name change, you need to start updating your records now. We can provide an unlimited number of state and federal agencies, plus all the other companies you need. If you want to make the process as painless as possible let us provide you with ready to send paperwork and filing instructions for over 1,000 US organizations. Just click below to get started.



Once you have a court document you must then contact all the necessary companies to get your accounts and identification updated.

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