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Marriage Name Change

Answers to the most common marriage name change questions

Around 80% of brides go onto change names after marriage, and there's a number of new name options available. Once you've decided to change names it's your responsibility to get all your accounts, identification and records updated It's free to browse our database and see who we can help you change names with!

Start with social security

Always make the SSA one of the first places to change names, as many other government agencies pull records from the SSA. Select 'Social Security' when building your kit and we'll provide the social security name change form.

Then other government records

Update your driver's license or state identity card, passport and any other government records you may hold. Take a few copies of your old ID as it usually needs to be surrendered and you may need to prove both your old and new names at some stage. We provide all government agency name change forms and procedures as part of our $20 basic kit.

Then the rest

You need to contact each company where you hold an account to request your name is changed. Our name change notification service provides ready to send letters and faxes where name change can be done in writing. If any companies have different procedures we explain what to do, saving your hours of waiting on hold and letter writing.

How can we help?

Get all our tips, advice and the free name change checklist in our Easy Name Change guide, included with all our kits. Need more information? Read up on how to change names after marriage and other useful articles to the right.

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