Changing Name When Married Overseas

Changing Name When Married Overseas

Changing Name When Married Overseas

It is up to each organization what documents are accepted as proof of marriage name change. This means a company may have a policy not to accept an overseas marriage certificate. However, there is almost always a way around this.

First, Change names with Social Security

Fortunately the SSA recognizes all marriages that were conducted abroad, providing it was a legal marriage ceremony in that country. You may show any marriage certificate in English. If your marriage certificate is written in a foreign language you must provide an approved translation. SSA records take up to 2 weeks to be processed, so once you have proof of your updated name with SSA, start changing all other government records, starting with photo ID such as your driver's license and passport.

Changing names with other companies

Once you have government records in your new name, including social security and photo ID, companies will be hard-pressed to refuse your name change. It is always worthwhile to be persistent with any company that makes your name change difficult. While your foreign marriage certificate may be rejected, it is unlikely your updated government ID will not be accepted. If you're being given a hard time, you may want to speak to a different representative or a manager. You can always close your account and open a new one as you will have identification in your new name. Alternatively, close your account and do business with a more progressive organization.

Ready to start changing names now?

No matter if you're already married or about to tie the knot, you can start changing names now. If your wedding is a few months away, order a kit so your name change paperwork is ready to send off as soon as you have a marriage certificate. An Easy Name Change kit allows you to choose an unlimited number of companies from our database of thousands. Get ready to send paperwork for your bank, credit card, utilities, insurance and more. Click below to get started. If you don't have a printer we can mail everything to you/



You can still change names if married abroad. While not everyone accepts a foreign marriage certificate, there is usually a way around it.  

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