Name Change After Marriage

Name Change After Marriage

Name Change After Marriage

Once you've decided to change surnames after marriage it's up to you to notify all the various agencies and companies of your new name. All you need is your marriage certificate, some time and a whole lot of patience, or cut out hours of work with an Easy Name Change kit.

First, get your marriage certificate

No matter if you DIY your name change or get a kit the only document needed to start your name change is your marriage certificate. While many organizations accept religious marriage certificates, many government agencies insist on a government-issued certificate because it is consistently formatted and contains enhanced security features. You can get your original government issued marriage certificate from your local registrar or from your state vital statistics office (also called an original certified copy of your marriage certificate). See how to get your marriage certificate for more information.

Next, change names with the SSA

The next step is to advise the Social Security Administration (SSA) of your new name. The DMV, IRS and other government agencies pull records from the SSA and only allow you to take the same name as what is currently on file with the SSA. Social security records are usually updated within 3 working days of your from being received. You can change names by attending a SSA facility in person or return the form by mail. 


Then update photo ID

The next priority is to get government-issued photo ID changed into your new name. Many organizations may ask to see updated ID as evidence of your name change.  It's also convenient to have an updated license on hand for when you come across an opportunity to change names in person, like when visiting your doctor or library.

Finally, change names on all your accounts

As company sets their own name change process, the final and most time-consuming stage in changing names is updating all your accounts and memberships. You may be told to send a fax, send a letter, return a form or visit a branch in person. You also need to learn which company needs what documents; some may need a marriage certificate where others will want an updated driver's license. Learning the correct process for each company usually takes all day as you call around and ask.

Can't be bothered waiting on hold? Easy Name Change cuts out virtually all the research. We provide the name change procedures and paperwork for over a thousand organizations. No need to google, wait on hold or search for special name change forms. We explain what documents to include as proof of your name change with each company. In fact, we're so sure our kits will save you hours of work that we'll provide a full refund if you're not happy for any reason.

Ready to start changing names now?

Don't have a marriage certificate? No problem, we'll provide you with the form or procedure to apply. Not yet married? You can get your name change paperwork started now, then just add your certificate once available and send. In just 15 minutes you can have all the information and paperwork needed to change names.



All you need is your marriage certificate. Some places must be updated in person, we provide paperwork and procedures for all the others.

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