Marriage Name Change for Non Citizens

Marriage Name Change for Non Citizens

Marriage Name Change for Non Citizens

If you are legally entitled to reside in the USA and have accounts, memberships or identification here you can have these records changed into your new name after marriage. All you need to get started is a marriage certificate. It doesn't matter if the certificate is issued by an American authority (such as a church, synagogue, the court or vital statistics) or an overseas authority.

Change your green card after marriage

If you hold a green card (Legal Permanent Resident Card) apply to get this updated first. You'll need to show a marriage certificate and proof of identification. It does not matter if your marriage certificate was issued in the US or abroad. If it is in a different language it should be translated to English. Complete form I-90, 'Application to Replace a Permanent Resident Card'. This form is available in all our kits. Just select 'immigration' from the federal agency listings.  At the time this article as written, it will cost a total of $540 to replace your green card. You can expect to wait around 9 months for your updated green card to be available.

Name change may be done free of charge at the same time you become a citizen. If legal name change is not an option at the time of your citizenship ceremony you can still use your marriage certificate to change names without the need to update your green card. Some brides may decide to delay their name change if they are soon to become a US citizen.

Most agencies will need to see the name changed on your green card before updating their records. Though not illegal, you can choose to leave your green card in your maiden name however it can make opening bank accounts, applying for a job and other identity related tasks very difficult. (continued...)


Update other government records

Prioritize a replacement Social Security card in your new name. Complete form 'SS5 Application for a Social Security Card', also included in any of our kits. The SSA will process your name change request within 3 working days of receiving your request and you can expect an updated SSA card within 2 weeks. Next update the DMV and any other agencies.

All other records

The most time consuming step is arranging for all your other accounts, policies and memberships to be updated. Start by browsing our database for free, where you can choose from over 1,000 US companies. We'll send you detailed filing instructions along with personalized and ready to send notifications. Just sign & send! 

Travelling soon?

Always be mindful of pending travel arrangements. If you plan to travel the name in your passport must match the name on your flight tickets so don't change your passport until you have completed any travel plans. Some organizations may also require a credit card in the same name as your passport. If you can't complete a name change in all your identification and accounts before travelling you may leave your name as is for now, then go about making the change on your return. It's also OK to have a green card in a different name from your bookings, just make sure you travel with your marriage certificate in case you need to explain yourself and a passport where the name matches your airline booking.

What about my name back home?

As passports are issued by over 160 countries we are unable to tell you of the procedure for changing your name outside of the USA. Contact your embassy to learn more. Many countries will recognize a foreign marriage certificate and be even able to update your foreign passport from within the USA. Be mindful of your US visa and speak with immigration as it may need to be updated when a new passport is issued.

If your embassy does not allow for name change while abroad ask what procedure is required to have your name change recognized in your country of citizenship. Generally speaking, most western countries consider name change by marriage an assumed name and may legally recognize you under either your maiden name or your married name by presenting your marriage certificate.

You may choose to have your foreign accounts changed to your married name while residing in the USA. Contact each company directly and ask how to change names. Ensure you explain what type of documents you have as proof of your name change, such as a US marriage certificate or updated foreign passport. If your country of citizenship does not recognize American marriage certificates for name change purposes you may be required to undertake a legal name change or marriage ceremony in your country of citizenship.

Easy Name change operates internationally and we can provide some information for changing names in Canada, Australia or the UKOutside of our existing regional sites, Easy Name Change is unable to provide information about changing your name abroad. As there are hundreds of other countries and millions of foreign companies, we can’t provide any further advice other than what appears on this page.

I'm ready to change names. What next?

If you want to start changing names now simply start using your new name and sign all documents with that name. The first place to change names is with Social Security. We provide the form in all of our kits. You probably have dozens more organizations to notify. Broswe our database for free and choose all the companies you need! We provide detailed filing instructions along with personalized and ready to send forms, letters and emails. Just sign & send! 


If you have the legal right to permanently reside in the USA you can change names here too. There's no special 'registration' of your new name, just starting using it! Use our ready to send notifications to update your records.

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