Update Your Passport After Marriage

Update Your Passport After Marriage

Update Your Passport After Marriage

If you're changing names after marriage it is recommended but not compulsory to have a new US passport issued. If your passport is less than a year old then you’re in luck – replacements are free. If your passport is more than 12 months old then you’ll be hit with fees for a new 10 year passport. While it is not essential to update the name in your passport, be aware you may run into problems when travelling and having to prove your identity, so read our tips below first.

Free service

If you were recently issued with a US passport, apply for a name change within 12 months of the issue date for a free replacement. Use form DS-5504, which we can provide as part of our personalized service. Passport fees only apply for expedited service requests. Apply by mail. Return your current passport with your original marriage certificate and other documents as listed on the form. Save the most time with our service - we step you through completing your passport application and provide step by step filing information. You'll also get the forms for your state DMV, SSA, banks, credit cards, utilities and over 1,000 different organizations. No wasted time on hold!



Replacement passport

If your passport is more than one year old, but less than 15 years old, you’ll need to apply for a new passport and pay full renewal fees: $110 for a book, $30 for a card. Complete form DS-82 and file by mail. Click the button below to start personalizing your passport name change form. We provide all the forms you need to change names with all the necessary organizations, including SSA, DMV, passport and over one thousand other organizations.


You don't need to change names in your passport

If you're taking your spouse's surname after marriage you are not legally required to update your passport. It is perfectly legal to travel on a passport issued in your prior name, even if you have changed names in most other places. You must always book international flights on the name that currently appears in your passport. If you are abroad using a passport in your former name, but you have credit cards and your drivers license in your married name you may have a difficult time proving your identity. It is therefore recommended you consider updating your passport before booking flights so that you can use your married name, or else travel with your marriage certificate in case you need to prove you are one and the same person.

If your passport was issued more than 12 months ago there is no credit given for time remaining in your passport.  You may therefore choose want to wait until you are planning on using your passport again in the future. Just allow enough time for your passport to be reissued before booking flights.

Need to change names with other companies?

If you've recently married chances are you need to change names in many places. It's free to see who we can help you change names with. Our personalized name change notification kits provide comprehensive filing instructions for over one thousand organizations. We'll tell you exactly what each company needs, saving you hours on hold! If you to send in any letters, emails, forms or faxes we create it in your name. Just sign and send!


There's different forms to use depending when your passport was issued. Follow the links to download the form you need.

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