Social Security Marriage Name Change

Social Security Marriage Name Change

Social Security Marriage Name Change

If you've been married and want to change names the first step should be updating your Social Security card. To apply for a card in your new name you need to show your marriage certificate. You also need to prove identity; your existing passport or driver’s license is sufficient. If you don’t have one of these documents there are a number of alternate documents you may be able to supply.

Most Social Security card holders would have already proved US citizenship or immigration status. If you haven’t done this you will need to show a US birth certificate, naturalization or citizenship certificate before your name change will be allowed. If you are not a citizen you can show your foreign passport and proof of immigration status, such as your green card or visa. (continued)


When applying for a marriage name change with the SSA you must show original documents or copies that have been certified by the agency that issued them. Photocopies are not acceptable. You also need to complete and lodge an application for a social security card (form SS5). Get this form in any of our name change kits.

File your SS5 form and supporting documents in person. It is posisble to file by mail but the SSA prefers not to receive original primary identification documents by mail. If posting original documents we recommend a traceable delivery method. Documents will be returned to you. Processing times vary considerably between locations, so check ahead if you need your documents returned quickly. Wait until you receive confirmation that the SSA has processed your name change before updating any other government records, such as passport and driver’s license. A new Social Security card will be posted to the address on your SS5 form.

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Here's how to change your name with the Social Security Administration once married. Download and file the SSA name change form as part of any kit. Once your name change is confirmed send off all other notifications.

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