Personal Rebranding, for the Famous, Infamous and Wannabe Famous.


Personal Rebranding, for the Famous, Infamous and Wannabe Famous.



Your name. It’s one of the big first impressions and creates a sense of identity. If you’re the owner of a name that doesn’t sit quite right, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re part of a growing group considering legally changing names and the reasons for making the switch are as vast and interesting as some of the name changes themselves.  Genevieve Dennis, founder of Easy Name Change Florida, explains ‘While there is a definite growth in wannabe famous name changes, no doubt influenced by our reality star obsessed culture, it’s more likely that people are formalizing a common name or making an association with family.’


Marriage is still the biggest driver of name change, however it’s the outlandish and crazy names that make headlines. ‘Legal name change is always the most fascinating area of name change, particularly from people rebranding’ states Dennis. Rebranding is where the ordinary is made extraordinary. If you want to make it in the entertainment industry, Isidore Demsky may not be memorable, but perhaps as Kirk Douglas he might get a casting call.


Rebranding isn’t just for entertainers, the Florida politician formerly known as Eddie Gonzalez attracted the kind of free publicity he simply couldn’t attract before changing his name to, pity none is focused on his policies though. Other reasons for making the change are spiritual journeys, transgender identification, simplification and, perhaps most interestingly, the dare.


National headlines were made by Beezow Deoo-Deoo Zopitybop-Bop-Bop after his drug charges, as were for Jackmeoff Mudd after his assault and conduct charges. What could have inspired such crazy name changes, if not a bad call on a sports game? When petitioning the court, did Beezow or Jackmeoff consider that any slightly newsworthy activity would propel their name to become national news? Aspiring starlets like Kat Dennings count on it, but if you’re in the market for a new name but don’t want to see it splashed across the internet, choose something more subtle.


‘Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me!’ Well, the reality is that names can and do hurt. Dennis explains that the majority of Easy Name Change’s legal customers are just people who don’t like their name. For whatever reason they believe a new name will make them more comfortable with their identity.


If you’re in the mood for some personal rebranding you’ll need to be committed. While the Florida courts are relatively lenient in granting new names, there’s a significant chunk of time and money to be committed to the process.  If you’re serious about changing names, expect upward of a $500 investment and to visit the Florida courthouse several times over many months. If you want to save yourself several hundred more dollars on legal fees, you can manage the process yourself by accessing free guidance, forms and information from Easy Name Change Florida.


The not so serious are probably deterred by the cumbersome process, but it’s worthwhile for anyone serious about changing names. Easy Name Change was founded by Dennis after she went through the process herself. She realized the endless number of notifications and piles of paperwork required post name change, then launched the world’s first personalized notification kit. ‘Generally, most our legal name change changers are happier in the long run. They feel a better connection with their identity, relationships and more confidence.’ says Dennis.




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