Driver's License Name Change

Driver's License Name Change

Driver's License Name Change

When changing names with the DMV your name is matched with the SSA. A duplicate license will only be issued in the same name as currently on file with the SSA. This means you should update your name with Social Security first and allow time for this to be processed. Once you have confirmation the SSA has processed your name change, attend your state DMV's office in person. Your original documents need to be sighted, your new signature witnessed and a new photo may be taken.

When to go to the DMV

While not everyone has the luxury of taking time off work to get their name change sorted, try to attend an office between 9am and 11am on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday for minimal wait times. Avoid lunch times and late afternoons, particularly on Mondays and Fridays.

What to bring to the DMV

Many states increased their identification checks to comply with the REAL ID act. If you have not had your identity re-validated in recent years you may need to go through this process when applying for your name change. The exact documents differ between states, so check the notes for your state DMV in your Easy Name Change kit.

Take your current license and certified copy of marriage certificate or court order. If your identity needs to be verified you will need additional documents. While the exact documents accepted vary between states, generally speaking one document from each list below is acceptable. Always bring originals and, when in doubt, more documents are better than less.

  • proof of legal presence; birth certificate, US passport, Citizenship or green card
  • proof of residence; utility bills, bank statements, lease agreement
  • proof of SSA; SSA card, correspondence or W-2
  • Existing driver's license
  • Proof of name change


Get the form for your state DMV

A number of states have a special name change form, where others only require your existing license and new signature to be witnessed. The exact paperwork and proof of identification documents are different between states. To learn the exact name change process for your state, click the link below. If your state has a special form, we'll help you personalize it.

Your state DMV's procedure

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Be prepared for a lengthy wait and pack a suitcase of documents. Many state DMV’s can make changing names a challenging process if you are not prepared.

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