Facebook Name Change

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Facebook allows you to easily change names. You can include a nickname or maiden name too.

  1. Click the drop down menu at the top right (it looks like a down pointing triangle). From here, select ‘account settings.’
  2. The page most likely opens with your general settings, and ability to edit names is the first entry. If you can’t see your name listed along with the ‘edit’ link, click ‘General’ from the menu list on the left.
  3. Click the edit link alongside your name, type in your new name then click save.

Facebook's fine print on name changing

Facebook can reject your name change if it doesn't follow Facebook's naming policy. You are required to use your real name. You cannot use characters from various alphabets, a title (religious, professional, etc), or a word in place of a name. You may be limited in the number of times you can change names, and if your name is not in good taste it can amended and you will be blocked from the ability to change names yourself.

Need to change names anywhere else?

If you've been married, divorced or changed your name by court order you probably have about 15 organizations to notify. Our personalized kit provides all state and federal government forms and step by step filing procedures. Browse our database of over 1,000 organizations and get the correct document to change names with your bank, insurance company, telco and more. No research, no unnecessary waiting on hold - we guarantee our kits will save you hours or will cheerfully refund your money.